Some nice times

Here’s a thing I love about parenting: I love the first time you do something with your kids that you’ve often seen other people do and that’s always made you smile. The first time you feed the ducks at the park. The first time you push them on the swings together. The first time they sit side by side in the trolley at the supermarket.

Today was a stunner of a day. A nice sunny day lifts my mood right up to that faraway blue sky.

We went to the beach.

I formed the intention in the morning, but almost didn’t bother when lunchtime came and went and I hadn’t gotten organised. Then at 3pm I decided, right, let’s do it. Packed them up, and off we went to Lyall Bay.

It was lovely. I always love the beach.

Bub sat on my knee while the little dude and I played a game of burying stones in a mound of sand. Then bub got a bit scratchety so I put him in the buggy (I should write a piece about how much I love love love our mountain buggy swift but prob don’t need to because I can link to this ode to strollers). I pushed him up and down the beach a bit, and he nodded off and I could turn my full attention to the little dude.

He wanted to throw stones in the sea, a longstanding passion of his. We went down to the water with his stone collection, and he threw them in, getting more and more excited. I swished my feet in the shallows and he copied me. I took off his trousers – “drowerdis” – and then he kept splashing so much I stripped him off completely.

There we go. First time the kid gets naked at the beach in the late afternoon, when we don’t have to worry about sunblock. First time frolicking in the waves in the nude, running up and down and around, having so much fun with the sand and the water. I kept wishing I could take a photo, but it wouldn’t have been safe to leave him for long enough to get my phone. When it was time to go and I was getting his clothes ready, he knelt down and started drawing in the sand. I took a photo of that. He is so pale he looks luminescent, like a child of the moon.


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