We should definitely fund ECE better

List of people who are adversely affected by lack of funding for childcare:

  • Parents who work longer hours than they otherwise would, to be able to pay childcare costs and make working worth it financially.
  • Parents who are short on money because childcare is so expensive.
  • At-home parents who can’t afford childcare and don’t get a break.
  • At home parents who want to re-enter the workforce but can’t afford the upfront costs of paying for a few weeks’ care in advance, or can’t find good care in short notice when they find a job.
  • At home parents who want to retrain for a career that better fits in with being a parent, but can’t afford childcare while studying.
  • Anyone who has to cover childcare costs on one income – single parents, or two parent families where one parent is unwell and can’t do a paid job or look after kids full-time.
  • Parents paying off student debt while also paying for childcare, leading to a low net gain in income from being in paid employment.
  • Children whose parents are financially stressed as a result of childcare costs.
  • Children whose parents work long hours to be able to cover other expenses while paying for childcare.
  • Children in low quality childcare centres because their parents can’t afford good centres.
  • Children who aren’t in childcare and whose parents start to snap and become inattentive because they really need a break, but can’t get a break because there’s no-one to look after the kids.
  • Children who aren’t in childcare and whose parents don’t provide much in the way of interesting activities at home.
  • Early childhood teachers who would be paid more and respected more and receive better professional development if the sector was funded better.
  • Employers of parents who are trying to manage childcare in the most cost effective way, which might not be the best fit for their work responsibilities (for example, cramming 25 hours work into three days instead of four or five because that means only three days of paying for childcare).
  • Babies with older siblings who aren’t in childcare because it’s too expensive for under threes, and so who miss out on one-on-one time with parents.


… written while the little dude is at creche.


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