Home holiday 

Ok, so it was good to have a bit of whinge the other day, sometimes you just need to rant y’know.

But there are only two weeks left until I’m at back at an office, six days of one-on-two parenting, and being grumpy all through it would be such a waste.

I’ve decided to treat it like a holiday, make it special. Do at least one fun outing each day. My to-do list:

  • Chipmunks (today)
  • Avalon Park 
  • Petone Beach 
  • Te Papa storytime session 
  • Botanical gardens duck pond  
  • Capital E

And we’ll probably throw in a few more fluffies than normal too. 

(Update: that was 10.30am, it’s now 5pm and I’d like to announce that while Chipmunks was fine, the little dude is driving me up the wall and I’m back to wanting to rave and rant again. I just want some fucking space and adult company! Two year olds are such hard work when you’re sole charge all day.)


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