This baby though

Today is a creche day. Just me and my baby at home. I’m feeling great about starting the new job next week, except, oh this baby! He is so cool! He crawls around racing now, chasing after us, chasing the cat. He does this little squeak of enjoyment, and a snort of laughter. He’s quite a long lean bub, but oh that baby tummy, like soft newly risen dough. Whenever he makes his burbling noises, the little dude says “whas he saying? Whas he saying in his baby yangwage?”

He pants when he crawls fast, ah-huh-ah-huh-ah-huh. The pitter patter of little hands and knees. He explores the house, but stays out of the kitchen and dining area, crying as soon as he puts his hands on the cold wooden floors and loses the soft carpet. If he wants me to pick him up he crawls up to me and headbutts my leg until I do.

When he pulls the little dude’s hair (“my hair is shaggdy yike da yion in da dstory book!”), the little dude says “no, not do dat, wespec my boundwies!”. If he stops the little dude says “ah good, he stopded, he is yistening to me!”


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