103 Wednesdays

We’re on the cusp again of another lull. The last one was shorter than expected. Two weeks after that post I applied for a new job. Ha! Opportunities come up when they do, and it’s all worked out well, but I tend to jump into things feet first and then get surprised at the splash. WHY DO I ALWAYS DO THAT? (Husband would just roll his eyes at me, because he knows I always do that).

But another lull is approaching. The kids have both settled in at creche fairly happily now, and we’re starting to find our footing as a two kids, two careers family. Feeling surer and surer about no #3 baby, meaning the set up we’re establishing will last until D goes to school! WOW. Scarily, that is only two years away though. Two years until school?! Bizarre! Two fairly settled years I hope. No plans to move. No plans to change childcare arrangements. These last three years have been like living in a house that is undergoing renovations. You’re living a life but you’re also building it, and sometimes the building gets in the way of living and the living gets in the way of building, yet you have to keep doing both.

I was a bit concerned about how the four-day week thing would go: getting stuff done in my hours at the office, the kids coping with four long days at creche, the potential stress for me in having one day a week with both of them all day, and the dynamic in the evenings when Mr Daddy gets home late and the kids are all tired from creche. I anticipated some issues on all four fronts. To my great relief, it’s working out well.

Especially the Wednesdays. It’s Sunday night now and I’m looking forward to going to work tomorrow, but I’m also kinda looking forward to my Wednesday with the kids. And the next. And the next. In a few months B will be walking and we’ll be able to do so many things the three of us. We’re gonna make those days really special. Because there are only 103 more and then school.



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