Best bub

I haven’t written enough about my delightful peach of a baby. He’s one now, and walking with a stumbling bow-legged waddle, but he’s still a baby. He’s so good at being a baby! He does all the baby things really really excellently. He is soft and rosy and chubby with a fluffy head. He has four and a half teeth and does a funny scrunch-faced grin to show them off. He gets his cute on whenever we’re ignoring him, toddling up to me with a ball and saying proudly “booouuuu!!!!”, or catching my eye then hiding his head and starting some peek-a-boo. He brmmms his cars around the floor for ages, going round and round the house entertaining himself. He dive-bombs the cat, just like his brother used to, with the same squeals of delight.

He looooveeeed his bath tonight. The little dude was ready for bed, but little baby soft-cheeks had a late afternoon nap and wasn’t tired. So he stayed in the bath with Mr Daddy and splashed and splished and lay on his dad’s legs with just his round belly poking out of the water, for ages, and when I re-emerged from D’s room to get him, he beamed at me and showed me his splashing skills.

I got him out and wrapped him in one of the white towels mum bought us because she wanted the babies to have soft new fluffy towels, because a baby in a white towel is a perfect thing. I took him through to the lounge to get dressed, but he wriggled so much I set him down on his feet, and he toddled back along the hall, the towel falling behind him, bare bum still extra pink from the warm water. He giggled as he walked and turned straight back into the bathroom to try and climb into the bath again.

He wasn’t ready for bed – we were ambitious in our sights of bedtime – and he chirped and chatted, keen to play for ages after we got him dressed. At one point I put him in the cot to go and change into my pajamas and get a drink of water before trying another take at bedtime, and he went quiet while I was getting changed. Hopeful he’d miraculously fallen asleep, I peeked in through the open crack of the door. He was standing at the edge of the cot, looking towards the light, waiting for someone to return. He saw me and laughed as if to say “BEST PEEK-A-BOO EVER, MUM! You really had me going there!”

I lay on the bed and put him on my tummy, tried to snuggle him to sleep, but he rolled away and hid his face in the bed then sprang up onto his knees and started bouncing, and laughing. No-one could fail to adore this baby! Such a charmer! I kissed his neck and rubbed his tummy and he laughed, and said “moah”, and we had a little game of tickle snuggles, until he pushed my hand away and rested his head on it, then turned to me and tugged at my top. I brought him to me for a breastfeed and he went cosy and snuggly, and fell asleep, perfect angel face resting on my arm. Milk-bellied cuddle bundle, content as ever.


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