I’m totally not a lifestyle blogger

Omg guys, this is just too much!! Like, for real?

(Crying laughing face emoji x 100)

My turn!

Describe your house in two sentences: Sorry about the mess. Kids, y’know.

Describe your style in three words: I hate shopping.

Where is your home and who lives there with you: I live in Wellington, with my husband and our kids – D age 3, B age 1, and a long suffering scraggy ginger cat, Freddie.

First thing you do when you get home each day: Dump all the stuff in the corridor and remind D to go to the toilet.

Best new buy: Sheepskin slippers from the Number One Shoe Warehouse, which has an excellent range of slippers.

Proudest DIY moment: We have shelves that my husband built for our first flat and that is genuinely true and they’re beautiful and I love them and one day he hopes to have time for woodwork again but right now all hobbies are on hiatus.

Favourite spot to relax (and what do you do there): On the couch after kids are in bed to zone out on the internet.

Best kept secret about the area you live in:  The park right around the corner – huge green field for the kids to play in. Almost always quiet.

Best money I ever spent on the house: Last year we got the shed removed because the roof was a) asbestos, and b) decrepit and falling to bits especially in high winds. We borrowed money from my parents to do this and haven’t paid them back yet.

Favourite way of entertaining: Inviting friends over on a Sunday afternoon when we’re sick of the children.

Best kitchen tool and why: A good knife. Duh. There is only one right answer. (Wait, now I’m second guessing. A wooden spoon is also very useful).

I can’t live without: Air? Water? Sleep?

Favourite piece of furniture: My bed, not because it’s an especially nice bed, but because it is a bed.

Favourite artwork or family treasure and why you love it: Our ketubah. I once suggested we should ceremoniously read it together after ever fight and my husband rolled his eyes to me and said “go write your blog”.

One thing I’d like to change around my house: The general chaos.

What’s your signature dish: Peanut butter on toast.

What’s your quickest dinner idea: Peanut butter on toast.

How do you feel about unannounced guests: Like, it’s not really a thing nowadays because everyone has mobile phones on them at all times?

Shoes on or off in your house: Off. Definitely. Unless you’re the baby in which case you can leave your shoes on because otherwise you walk around trying to find me while holding your shoes and saying “ouuu! bou! ouuu! bou!” which seems to mean “I found my shoes! Please put them on my feet or I will eat them.”

Favourite/least favourite household chore: Favourite is putting washing on the line, it’s kinda peaceful. Least favourite is gardening because of the bending and the dirt and the pointlessness because weeds are plants too. My husband loves gardening so that’s good in theory but in practice our garden is a mess (see: hobby hiatus).

What’s one domestic/housework/gardening trick you’ve learnt over the years: If you can afford a cleaner, definitely get a cleaner.

Favourite flowers: Irises.

Favourite colour combination: Purple and gold.

Best baby proofing hack: Put the cat food outside and just accept that you’ll be feeding half the cats in the neighbourhood but whatever at least the baby isn’t eating cat food.


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