Tiny know it all

At Zealandia, walking over a little stream, my mum said there might be some freshwater crayfish, kōura, in there, and D asked what that was, and we tried to explain that it was a bit like a crab. My brother and his girlfriend had recently watched a David Attenborough documentary with an interesting bit about crabs and my brother started trying to tell us about this, directed at D, but for everyone to hear:

Uncle L “Do you know I watched a video recently and it had this interesting bit about crabs-”

D “no no no, atchuyee, I have a video at my house, it is on netfwix, we have a yapdop you see and I watch tings on netfwix, and it is called Puffin Rock, and dere are crabs dere in Puffin Rock, and I watch dat video”

Uncle L “right, that sound cool. Do you want to hear about my video too?”

D “no tanks, I’m actually talking about my video, I was djust talking about my video on netfwix and it is Puffin Rock, and dere are crabs in it too, actchuyee”




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