You’re welcome, the mum edition

Ok, ok, I see what’s happening here

We need to have an attitude change

Just so you know, here’s the deal

Hey, Adorable

Add some gratitude to your range

Open your eyes, let’s begin

Yes, it’s really me, it’s Mummy: breathe it in!

I know it’s a lot to think about

When you’re only just starting out

What can I say except you’re welcome

For the milk, the hugs, the chats

Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay

You’re welcome

I’m just an ordinary Mummy gal!


What has two arms to hold you when you cry

Since you were only yay high

That’s right

When the nights got cold

Who turned your heater on to low

You’re lookin’ at her, yo

Oh, also I grew you in my womb

You’re welcome!

Morning sickness was no fun

Also I changed your nappies

You’re welcome!

I’ve handled lots of poos and wees

So what can I say except you’re welcome

Just remember you came out of me

There’s no need to pray, it’s okay

You’re welcome!

Ha, I guess it’s just something you don’t see

You’re welcome!

You’re welcome!

Well, come to think of it

Kid, honestly I can go on and on

Can you come here and please put your trousers on

The chaos, the fuss, the noise, oh

Shitsticks I stepped on your toys

Know how you feel

It’s a kick in the guts

I’m sorry it’s broken but this mess is nuts

What’s the lesson

What is the take-away

If you want them looked after, put the damn things away!

And the stretch marks here on my skin

Is a map of how we begin

Look where I’ve been

I make everything happen

Look, you’re a mini-me, trust me and listen, eh eh eh?

Well, anyway let me say you’re welcome

For the wonderful world you know

Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay

You’re welcome!

Well, come to think of it, I gotta go

Hey, it’s your day to say you’re welcome

‘Cause I’m gonna need that break

I’m going to work today

You’re welcome!

‘Cause Mummy can do anything but flake

You’re welcome!

You’re welcome!

And thank you!



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