D wants to stop eating meat

Today, we got sick of Blippi. And I felt like I couldn’t stand more Octonauts (are there eight of them? I can’t keep track. But if not, why “Oct”??). And Jake and the Neverland Pirates are so annoying with their snub noses and the bizarre and grating live action songs at the end (and I don’t get it, is Hook a baddie or not?). Netflix recommended the live action Charlotte’s Web, and we started watching it.

My memory of Charlotte’s Web: a heartwarming story of cross species friendship.

The reality of Charlotte’s Web: a harrowing introduction to the concept that meat is animals and everything is mortal.

All evening, D asked “why were they going to eat Wilbur for Christmas?”, all evening, and going to bed he wanted to unpack it in more depth.

“I think maybe I should stop eating animals and when daddy cooks animals like lamb I’ll just say, no thanks daddy, because it’s sad to me that we make them die and it’s sad for them too”

“Yeah, that’s fine darling, that’s your decision”

“Yes, but I will still eat fish”


“Actually, I changed my mind, because I saw a video one time and someone caught a fish in that video and they chopped the fish head off and it bleeded and that looked pretty bad mummy so I think also I won’t eat fish”

“Ok, you’re going to need to eat baked beans and hummus even though they’re not your favourites, because if you’re not eating meat we need to find other things to eat that give your body the nutrition it needs to grow”

“I think I can do that mummy. Is peanut butter an animal?”

“No, peanut butter comes from peanuts. You remember cracking peanuts? They grow in the ground.”

“Ok. I’ll just eat so much peanut butter every day!”


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