I found the thermos

When D was a newborn baby, he would take hours to feed at night. My husband would fill a thermos before he went to bed and leave it on a table in our room, so I could drink a cup of tea while I held sleeping D for half an hour before putting him in the cot. Oh, those days when we were scared of cosleeping! I found the thermos yesterday, clearing out and rearranging a cupboard – it probably hasn’t been used since those 3am tea sessions. It was dusty and weirdly sticky, hidden at the back of a cupboard where it’s not needed.

I’ve decided my favourite thing about having kids is how it creates phases for my life. There were the baby years, then there are the preschool years, and soon there will be the school years. Because they change so quickly, I find we do too – they pull us along, keep us in the present. It amazes me that people call this type of life “settling down”. It’s anything but. It’s constantly moving.


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