Our grapevine

When we moved into this house, I barely noticed the grapevine, next to the dilapidated shed that we knew we’d have to remove. But that February, when I was heavily pregnant and the little dude had just turned two, the grapes ripened into an amazing bounty. We had so many grapes we couldn’t keep up with them. The grapes I remembered from my childhood – deep purple skin, completely round, smaller, sweeter and more jellyish than the ones from the shop. We met up with friends from our antenatal group at the park around the corner and took a huge bowl of grapes. All the toddlers ate them and played happily. There were already a few babies, and other pregnant mothers. When I pegged washing out (all the baby clothes, freshly washed and ready to wear), the little dude ate grapes. He knew to eat only the purple ones. He learnt that quickly.

A year and a half ago, we got the shed removed. They couldn’t save the grapevine, and cut it right back to a stump to be able to get the shed out. I was pretty gutted.

Then, last summer, we saw new growth. My husband quickly set up something for it to climb along. It grew amazingly fast.

And now, there are several bunches of grapes ripening. Not a fantastic bounty like before, but next year I think there will be. Soon we’ll have two kids carefully taking the purple ones, D teaching B how to find ones that are perfectly ripe.


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