The rain fairy story

One of my stories for D:

See those trees on the hill? There’s a fairy who lives in one of those trees. She has a tiny treehouse, you wouldn’t notice it unless you were looking very carefully, and she is very small – as small your little brother’s hand, but she has the most beautiful big wings. The wings are silver and purple, translucent, and bigger than the fairy herself. They are so delicate that she can’t go outside in the sun or they would burn right up.

This fairy is a rain fairy. When the clouds come in and the rain starts, she leaves her treehouse, and her beautiful delicate wings turn into a fluttering umbrella, keeping the rain off her face and hands while she flies. The rain fairy has a very important job. She goes out in the rain with a wooden fairy bucket in each hand, and collects the raindrops that fall on flowers. All day when it rains she flies back and forth, back and forth, filling up the buckets and stacking them in her treehouse. Something magic happens when rain drops fall onto flower petals and are collected by a fairy. They become fairy water. Fairy water has many magical properties, and this fairy, the one who lives in the tree on that hill, she uses it to give little children happy dreams.

When the sun goes down, and she doesn’t have to worry about her wings getting burnt, she takes a bucket and leaves her treehouse, and flies to all the houses where children live. She sneaks in through an open window or a cat door and goes into their bedrooms, and puts just the tiniest tiniest drop onto their pillows.

When you put your head on your pillow, the fairy water touches you, and as you close your eyes, it starts making beautiful dreams for you about the trees and the rain and the cool evening dusk, about flying in a gentle breeze, or sitting in a shady treehouse in the middle of a hot day. Sometimes you might even meet the rain fairy in your dreams. In the morning maybe you won’t remember, but every night when you sleep you give yourself the chance to let your mind rest, like the fairy rests when it’s sunny. Every night when you go to sleep, you make a whole new day for yourself in the morning.


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