Unexpected, but exciting

What exciting news from our Prime Minister. What amazing, exciting news.

An unexpected pregnancy – a wonderful surprise, that’s what the media statements say.

Choosing excitement at an unexpected pregnancy is always a vote of confidence in the future of the world.

Mostly change happens slowly, step by step, but sometimes someone comes along who is able to take a flying leap. This is a flying leap. Shit I have no idea how terrifying and exhilarating that must be. But those steps are secure, you can do it, there are people on the other side able to help, so many mums and dads who want this to work, hundreds of thousands of people, saying – you got this. And we’ve got your back.

It might be harder or different than you imagine – and oh we so hope it goes well for you (the pregnancy, the birth, everything). But whatever happens, this is good news, this is the best news. This is such an exciting thing! A new baby! A COMPLETELY NEW PERSON IN THE WORLD.

Being sworn in as PRIME MINISTER just after finding out you’re pregnant, I mean, what a legend. What an absolute legend.

This can happen, this is going to happen, and whatever needs to change to make it work will just have to bloody well change, because it’s time. It’s time that women are able to rejoice in unexpected babies without apologising, and damn all the naysayers who bleat and moan about other commitments – babies happen, we’ll make it work. It’s time that women are able to say – it isn’t just my job to raise this child, it will take a village, and I have other things I intend to do with my life as well as being a mother, and I’m committed to both, and they’re not in competition. It’s so time.

This is an amazing moment for women in New Zealand. For all of us who’ve negotiated a promotion after going back to work from maternity leave, who’ve applied for a new job while on maternity leave, who’ve spent so many painstaking hours figuring out suitable caregiving arrangements and suitable working arrangements, trying and re-calibrating and discussing it endlessly with our partners, and making it work, and being there for our kids, and delivering in our jobs. This is so huge.

The people who voted you in, the women who feel unbelievably proud of our amazing Prime Minister, we’re not going to let them tear you down for this. We are SO HAPPY FOR YOU. This is the BEST NEWS.

Like, so many people are amazingly happy for you right now. This baby is going to be so, so loved.



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