Hello. Welcome to Tea & Oranges, my blog about whatever I feel like putting on the internet. Musings about parenthood, work/life “balance”, slice of life stories about my kids being cute, links to interesting articles, whatever. Sometimes maybe even recipes. It started while I was on maternity leave with the little dude, mostly as an outlet. Turns out I still want the outlet so I’ve kept writing.

I’m a mum living in Wellington, New Zealand, with my husband and two sons – the little dude (born February 2014), and the new bub (born March 2016). My husband and I have been together since we were students. We grew up in Auckland, but now we really love Wellington and think we’ll be here a while. We’re both lawyers.

Also we have a cat called Freddie. The little dude used to call him Didis, but now he calls him Beddie.

You won’t find our names on this blog because New Zealand is such a tiny village that it’d make me feel weird to put my name up with all this info about my life. But, I think telling our stories about motherhood is important and powerful. I love reading other blogs by mothers and found them to be an enormous source of support in my first year of motherhood when I often felt overwhelmed.

More about why I blog can be found in this post: Fleeting thoughts



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