Meal planning and recipes

This is where you can find my adventures in highly organised meal planning.

Ahh, I started with lofty goals. And a comprehensive food plan. And a list of recipes I never completed.

It was a over-ambitious (a thing I tend to do), but now I have an AWESOME system.

It’s simpler.

It’s easier.

It has FOUR recipes that are perfect for freezing and reheating, and they are ALL vegan (what? crazy!). These are for work days. They are:

And then FIVE recipes for fresh food that are easy and really flexible. These are for weekend dinners, Wednesday dinner (my day home with the kids), and weekend lunches.

We have pretty much the same meal plan every week – but it’s got plenty of internal variation and it’s better than scrambled eggs every night.

These freezable meals are all easy to make, and reheat perfectly.

Basically, it’s awesome, and I feel very pleased!