(my categories are terrible)



Tomato and lentil soup

Pumpkin soup

Leek and potato soup

Carrot and kumera lemongrass soup (fave)

Hearty cannellini bean soup

Barley and split pea vege soup

Tomato soup

Split pea soup

Laksa (freeze just the broth, add noodles fresh)



Vegetarian lasagne

Kidney bean shepherd’s pie (fave)

Eggplant bake

Pizza (ok, not a bake, but it is an oven thing)

Potato bake

One pot things that aren’t soup (stews, curries, etc) 

Coconut dahl (though if you add more water, it’s a soup)


Chana masala (fave)

Pinto bean stew (fave)

Black beans with tomato and spices


Chilli – use as nacho topping, etc, of course there are many variations

Lentil bolognase (can be used as pasta sauce) (fave)

Pinto bean and kumera taco filling  / stew

South Indian stew

Chick pea vege stew 


Simple dinners

Salads and other things that can be prepared hours before and eaten cold 

Grey Lynn rice and tofu salad with kumera and roasted red onion

Lemon roast potato salad with boiled eggs

Vietnamese rice noodle salad

Black bean and rice salad

Pasta with roasted borlotti beans and rosemary

Soy ginger vermicelli noodles


Quick dishes 

Pasta with pesto

Mee gorang with eggs and peanuts

Pad thai

Vegetable fritters

Vege pilau with cashew nut korma

Falafels with pita bread and salad (note – falafels are freezable)

Black pepper tofu stir fry